Are you sure you want to delete ‘WINDOWS’?

The plan this week was to get organized and delete some old files and make room on my hard drive. I wanted to clean everything up so I can make a nice clean and organized backup. The other plan this week was to get this blog humming with some good content. The past 6 hours have been filled with fear of losing the past month worth of work. I make one large backup monthly and a full backup including profile settings every 6 months so I can restore to another computer.

It seems that every time I am in a productive mood and ready to tackle the day there seems to be something to distract me that just can’t be put on the side. Nevertheless, the pop up scared the heck out of me. I had deleted about 1GB of files and emptied the recycle bin. At that point it still looked as if there was something in the bin. So I tried to empty and this is the notification I received. I obviously clicked “No” after having a minor stroke at the tender age of 30.

I looked around on Google and found a whole bunch of solutions in this forum thread from Tech Support Guy. The solution that worked for me was to reboot in safe mode and then the bin was empty. Then I rebooted normally and the problem seemed to have resolved itself.

Now to salvage what is left of today.