Multi-Touch Tech is going to change everything

The original YouTube video which was viewed about 1.2 million times in the past year was kind of raw. They were just written up in Fast Company and Jeffrey Han is about to change everything. Apple came out with the iPhone which had multi-touch tech and Microsoft has been toying with some similar Minority Report technology with TouchLight. Personally, I am rooting for Han. Check out the video above it is much more polished than original GooTube.

  • adam

    if you think about how different os x was in comparison to os 9 i think that what we are looking at here could well be the dramatic transition from os x to OS 11 or something similar and if this is the case apples line up of products would be phenominal .. i mean this isn’t hardware or software thats been polished up yet .. imagine what apple could with this technology, it could be phenomenal and industry changing that could be on the scale of when the first macintosh was realeased multiplied by 1000.

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