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It’s interesting how stories are passed around the blogosphere and how long it takes to get to a mass audience. I sometimes wonder if we will be playing 6 degrees to Chris Pirillo in the future.

Take for example most recently Jeffrey Han’s video. In the past year it was viewed on YouTube over 1.2 million times. While a lot of bloggers have posted about this when it was first uploaded, it only hit a mass audience with the recent Fast Company article. It seems that print is always trying to catch up nowadays as this article was finally featured in the Daily News today.

Another example was this post on a parody of old school companies if they were Web Twentified on Darren Herman’s blog. Let’s take a quick look at the path this little post took.

Fake Web 2.0 logos

Darren Herman via Steve Rubel via Flickr via Yay Hooray

I remember this thread which started over 4 months ago at Yay Hooray as I am a lurker in that community. It only hit the airwaves recently on more popular blogs last week. Most people say the Internet has a short memory. With archives and cached entries on search engines residing online for years after they have seemingly disappeared, there is always the possibility of someone finding something about you from 1998. Obscurity on the Internet is something that I don’t really think exists. If you are plugged in someone will find you.