WordPress is becoming increasingly annoying

Ever since the weird comment problem with the last theme, I am now having problems posting using Performancing. I installed an updated version of WP, new version of Performancing, and still no luck. I have tested it on some other blog setups that use WordPress and the manual configuration as well as auto-config works perfectly. So it must be something with the blog setup itself. Forgive the appearance for the next couple of weeks. I have solicited Alex Hillman over at WeKnowHTML to help me out with my issues.

I am thinking that it may not be a bad idea to backup all of my posts and just do a fresh install of everything. A hard reboot, if you will. If I discover anything of note, I will post it here.

  • Hey Ken. I think there are better programs than Performancing. In my experience, Performancing leaves out some functionality that I think is important. I’ve heard good things about BlogJet and planning to give them a try next.