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Last week, I integrated Google Checkout into my snowboard company’s website. I was originally thinking of using Paypal but Paypal does not support coupon codes. I would have to use a shopping cart which already has a coupon code system.

Finding a system that I could easily integrate that was within budget and time constraints while still being easy to skin was not necessarily that easy. I took a look at Shopify, BigCartel, OsCommerce, and ZenCart.

While Shopify seems to be the easiest you need to figure out their skinning language which has a downloadable kit. OsCommerce is the most extensible has the best features but more features=more problems. Also, to skin it is a bit of a pain in the arse. BigCartel is pretty and works well but doesn’t have coupon codes either. BigCartel after further review would have become my 2nd choice if they had support for coupons. ZenCart made me close the browser because it was so ugly to look at.

The end result was google checkout although I took the easy way out and didn’t do a shopping cart. It may be a little bit annoying and confusing at first glance but it was the simplest and allowed me to get it up in a short amount of time. I will be working with the Google Checkout API to do a normal shopping cart in the next week or so. The best part about it is that you are able to process credit cards with NO fees!!

  • Tobi

    Or you could be done in 30 minutes from now by using Shopify and enabling Google checkout 🙂

    We integrate famously with Google!