It’s time for a name change

So after not posting for almost a month, I finally cracked it open and got in here. Some cool stuff that I am not at liberty to talk about just yet is happening with my life. Some cool things going on over at Netizen. It’s like I am in stealth mode just waiting to drop the bomb on everyone.

In the meantime, I will discuss the name change. Numero uno I started feeling it was a little bit wonky. Also, Dave Evans, my compadre over at Netizen told me it was cheesy.

So, where does the new name come from? For a while now an associate of mine has been introducing me to folks and describing them as “Genius. Wicked Smart. Creative wonder.”

At one point I had asked him with a laugh, “What do you say when you introduce me to folks?”
His answer, “He hustles.”

For a short bit this bothered me for some strange reason. Then I thought of how I grew up and although it wasn’t Bushwick, it wasn’t Kansas either. I ran with a reasonably tough crew that saved my arse on a number of occasions. Everyday there was one thing we all knew as cheesy as it sounds, “It’s all about the hustle.” Although, now it is a more ‘legit’ hustle….. it’s still hustle nonetheless.

So there it is…… the new name and I think it sticks.