The New Whip Scion tC

So… the question I am struggling with today is… flint mica… or black sand pearl. With accessories in red I am thinking that I should get black. I think I am attracted to this color scheme for obvious reasons. With carbon fiber components… I think it will round out the personal brand nicely.

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    Looks like a nice and unique car.

  • ace

    if you get fake carbon fiber, you’re lame.

    if you get real carbon fiber, tell me where you live so I can steal it

  • Priti Bali

    Hi hon,

    black is a very sleek gorgeous color – but understand that in the colder months rain & snow will make it look like shit.

    Thus the more rational (think old) person in me would gravitate to the grey – pretty sleek – but easier to maintain. Unlike in India – we don’t have people cleaning cars for us every morning :0!


  • SG

    Black sand pearl is the way to go. It requires more cleaning but when it’s clean, it looks amazing. Flint Mica is nice but it’s pretty common. I don’t see nearly as many BSP cars.