An idea for a new Lockergnome

A while back, Chris Tse and I worked on the redesign of TagJag for Chris Pirillo. We were playing with the idea of blog networks and how a consolidated page would look. The idea was not to be popurls or Original Signals but to synthesize all of the content on the Lockergnome into one page with some features that were Digg’esque and Original Signals at the same time.

The current Lockergnome site has a list of links that point to blogs on the network. However, the links do not say who wrote the blog or what the name of the blog is. The previous Lockergnome site did this. Here is the current screenshot of Lockergnome.

In our rendition below the posts at the top are sorted by popularity based on views. We wanted to give popular content a chance to rise to the top but still have a current stream of recent posts. The recent posts could extend down the page that lists all of the posts and the blogs they come in from on the network. A scrolling AJAX feed would also be a good solution to avoid pagination. The boxes could load content as the user scrolls the page so the initial load time is light and only loads recent posts as the user scrolls. Here is what we came up with.
lockergnome_nexus_smaller.gifClick to enlarge

  • Lorraine M.

    All those nameless links on Lockergnome aren’t very compelling, are they? I think this is definitely a step in the right direction, although I’d like to see more content on the front page than this design seems to allow. I’m glad someone is thinking about better solutions.

  • Ken


    Thanks for the comment. Actually, this works like google reader. As you scroll the page more content loads.