Herman’s Head is Sexually Explicit

Darren HermanThis is awesome…. So I tried to subscribe to Darren Herman’s blog on Google Reader. So when I clicked on the RSS icon in the browser this is the message from my corporate network.

Error 403: Blocked Site

Access to http://feeds.feedburner.com/hermanshead76 is blocked by your site administrator because it falls in the following SurfControl category:

* Adult/Sexually Explicit

Site Policy
You have attempted to access a site which has been deemed non-productive by your site administrator. Access has been blocked and your attempt has been logged.

Darren… you have to tone down the posts. Some people may get the wrong idea. 😉

p.s. Darren has a great blog, which I think every one in the new media industry should check out. He won honors as Top Entrepreneur Under 25 by BusinessWeek in 2006.