Firefox… where are you? Bueller? Bueller?

UPDATE 3:23PM EST FF 3.0 has been downloaded. Here is a live download counter. So far I am loving the updates. I am disappointed some of my add-ons don’t work but I am sure they will catch up shortly. At last count, 701, 986 and the site has been up for only about 1 hour.

Download day is here and the PR nightmare that is happening for Mozilla may in turn cause more folks to learn about Firefox. Every blog in the planet right now seems like it is giving almost 15 minute updates on the status of the download page. Twitter is abuzz with updates minute to minute.

Now if they could just get the thing up… They might be able to set a record. All the hoopla over the past few months and an hour and a half into this and I am very frustrated. Out of my busy day this was – yes, I am seriously a geek – all I was looking forward to. I haven’t downloaded any release candidates for fear I might corrupt my profile or worse my computer. I used to download the alphas but now that I am in a production environment I need stable releases.

Soo….. here is the last screenshot of the main page. There is text… but there is no download link….
firefox download page