Thinking for a Living™

Thinking for a Living

Thinking for a Living™ is an ever-growing platform dedicated to the concept of open source design education. Duane King, a close friend over at BBDK continues to amaze me with how very little time he has on his hands, he still wants to give back to the community. This site started out as a little booklet which was handed out at a Dallas education event which Duane spoke at over a year ago. It then spawned a website which he updated manually.

TFAL has now turned into a delicious mashup using the api from delicious and importing the feed into the site. Mini-blog posts are created using the description (longer then twitter I might add) which then act not only as the description. The guys over at AthleticsNYC, BBDK’s New York counterpart, helped create the site as a resource not only for the community but internally as well. Duane seems to always find the coolest stuff and having an ongoing stream (now in google reader) of what he finds is sometimes the best time waster of all. He maintains his delicious links religiously.

You can also purchase the original booklet over at You Work For Them. The booklet is elegantly made and Duane agonized over the choice of paper. The booklet is currently sold out but you can be updated as to when it will be available again.

TFAL Booklet