iBend – The thinnest stand for the iPhone & iPod Touch

via www.myibend.com

“Use your iBend™ on a plane, bus, or train – whilst lifting weights, eating breakfast, waiting at the sushi bar, getting your teeth cleaned, at a business meeting, sitting in traffic, serving on a jury or practicing yoga.

The slenderness of the iBend™ allows you to easily store it in your wallet, pocket or purse so you’ll always have one (or two) handy.”

Through the grapevine… I find out that this excellent product was created by the guys over at Cuban Council. Mike Buzzard also one of the creators of k10k.net and part of the team that created the Facebook logo was a sponsor for the Design Your Ride snowboard design contest in 2006 (aka Kaseisports.com). Congrats on the product launch. I think you are $5 closer to a few million.  Best of luck.